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The science department strives to ensure that all students graduate from Sharon High School with the skills and knowledge necessary to become scientifically literate citizens who can make informed decisions about the world in which they live. We offer students a comprehensive science curriculum that includes courses in the physical sciences, life sciences, and earth and space sciences. Our courses are offered at the Foundations, Standard, Honors, and AP levels to meet the learning styles of our diverse student body.

To graduate from Sharon High School, students are expected to pass three years of science courses. Students take the following sequence of courses: physics in 9th grade, chemistry in 10th grade, and biology in 11th grade. Students may elect to take an elective or an additional science course during their 10th, 11th, and 12 grades. We offer an array of electives that include Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Physics, Forensic Science, and AP Courses in physics, chemistry, and biology.

All students must pass a high school science MCAS examination in order to graduate from a Massachusetts high school. Sharon High School's science curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Science, Technology, and Engineering to ensure that all of our students are prepared to pass this exam. All 9th graders take the Introductory Physics MCAS at the end of their freshman year. If a student does not pass this exam, then he or she will be provided with additional testing opportunities during his or her remaining high school years.